Wednesday, 9 January 2019

SLJ WHEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Kia ora! I've been doing some SLJ. For this activity, I had to write down how I would feel if I went Ziplining in Rotorua.
Here is my Week 4 Day 2 Activity 1:
If I went Ziplining in Rotorua, I would feel really excited and a bit tense. But I would be really excited to be speeding across the line and seeing the gorgeous view beneath me. I would be a bit tense because I'm a bit afraid of heights but it would be awesome to try it out. 

Would you like to go Ziplining?
Blog ya later!

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  1. Hi Claire,

    I'm Leslie and I'm a member of the Summer Learning Journey team. I live in Canada, on the opposite side of the planet from your home in New Zealand. Isn't it amazing that we can both be a part of this program, despite the distance between us??

    I'm glad that you've chosen to be part of the Summer Learning Journey this summer. Good for you!!

    And I'm impressed that you'd be willing to try ziplining even though, as you say, you'd be a little tense. I'd be very very tense - I'm not keen about being above the tree line! I've tried climbing fire towers here in Canada. They're tall, look-out towers where people are hired to spend the summer watching for forest fires in our parks and wilderness spaces. As soon as I climb to tree top level my legs turn to jelly and I have to sit down. So I don't think I'd manage ziplining very well.

    However, both of my daughters of done it and they loved it!! They said that the views were awesome and they loved that they could see the landscape without causing wear and tear on the forest floor by hiking. Ziplining is a great way of allowing people to see a beautiful place without causing damage!

    Have you ever been to Rotorua? I hope you'll get to try this activity one day, if you'd like to! Adventures rule, don't they?!

    I also hope that you're having some fun adventures in the out of doors during this summer holiday time, as well as enjoying this blogging program.

    I'll continue to enjoy reading your blog.




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