Friday, 19 October 2018

Roll a story

In Room 25, we have been learning how to write a narrative and what to include in a narrative.
Here is my story:

Character: A fire breathing dragon
Setting: In a dark forest
Problem: Ate a poisoned berry

As the moon sits high in the sky, an angry😠 red, scaly, fire-breathing dragon stomps through the dark forest. Someone has stolen his prisoner that was locked in a tower.
He searches in the bushes and peeks in the river, but he can't find his prisoner or the thief. Exhausted, he leans against a tall pine tree and plucks a dark purple berry off a bush nearby.
The red dragon pops it into his mouth and starts to sway side to side. He then falls into a deep sleep with berry stain still all around his mouth. The dragon has eaten a poison berry. The berry will make the dragon sleep.
Luckily, the berry will only make the unlucky dragon sleep for an hour, so the dragon will not sleep for eternity.
An hour passes slowly and when the time is up, the dragon wakes up, rubbing his eyes with the back of his claws. He stands up wobbling on his scaly legs and looks around. He gives his shoulders a shrug and walks back to his cosy cave giving up the search.
At home, he snuggles into the arms of his mama and papa dragon.


Have you ever rolled a story?
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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Math board game

In Room 25, we have been making our own board games. We were only allowed to use division.
Here is my board game:

It was really fun making this board game. 
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My Spaceys

In Room 25, we have been learning about algebra.
We had to make a spacey(a shape made of lots of little squares) and then someone had to figure out how many squares there were.

Here is my spacey:

Can you figure out my spacey?
Here's a hint:

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My Speech

In Owairaka School, Kauri team have been writing their own speech and presenting them to the teachers and entering the Kauri speech competition.
3 people in Room 25 went to Kauri speech competition, Mala, Elio and Cleo.
Here is my Speech:

Dogs are the best pet

Have you ever wondered if you would like some more company? Have you ever wanted a playmate? If you think you want a companion and a playmate, then I am certain that you should get a dog.

A dog is a companion. Companions are creatures that keep you company or be your best friend. When you need a friend, a dog can be an option. They can sense when you're upset. When you are upset, they will give you a big wet lick. This can make you laugh and instantly feel much better. Dogs are very friendly!

Dogs are loyal to their owners. When you return after a long time, dogs can feel overjoyed and excited to see you. A woof and a wag of a tail certainly means that they have missed you. They may sometimes jump onto you and lick you all over. Sometimes, they could be weeping tears of joy on the inside.

Did you know that dogs teach kids all about responsibility? Well it’s true. When kids help to walk, bathe and feed a dog, they are learning an important skill of taking care of another living creature. The same way of taking responsibility of a dog is training then. Training a dog will be training you and the dog. It teaches you how to look after your dog, and how they will want to be treated. You must be patient when training your dog. Dogs are intelligent animals so it won’t take long for a dog to be trained. Again, people learn to be responsible when taking care of a dog.

My last reason why dogs are the best pet is that they can give you protection. They can protect you from strangers, keep you away from danger and make you feel safe. Our friendly furry friends can also be Service Dogs. Service Dogs are dogs that help certain people. Service Dogs take care of their owner in many ways. For example, a guide dog. Guide dogs can help their owners to move around without anyone or anything injuring them. They can also help their owners by pressing the traffic light button, stopping at steps, turn corners if told to and even judge height and width so you do not bump your head or shoulder! Dogs can be very useful!

If you are a dog lover or just like dogs, and now love them even more, than I am certain that you should get a dog. Why? Because dogs are the best pets.

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Endangered animals

In Owairaka School, we had an 'Endangered Animals week'. Everyone had to pick an Endangered animal and learn about it.
In Room 25, we made DLOs (Digital Learning Object) about it.

Here is my DLO:

I really enjoyed making this because I got to put a lot of links in and it's quite interesting how you can click on something and then it takes you somewhere else.

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My 1970's DLO

In Room 25, we have been learning about the 1970's.
We learnt about what they wore, what hairstyles they had, what they ate, what toys and games they had and what music and T.V they had.
Here is my DLO:

I really liked making this because I got to do a lot of researching and I have learnt about new stuff like the hairstyles and what they look like...

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Dawn Raid Part 1

In Room 25, we have been learning about the Dawn raids.
Dawn Raid is when the police come barging into Pasifika overstaying house and they demand to see their passport. If they do not have a passport to come to Auckland, then they are dragged out and taken back to the Islands.

Here is my learning about the Dawn Raids:

I learnt a lot about the Dawn Raids and I never knew that something like this was real. Dawn Raid is a new thing to me.

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