Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Last post of the year

Kia ora, this is going to be my last post of the year. Next year I will be off to intermediate and I won't be able to post on this blog anymore.

Things  I have enjoyed outside school the most are:
1. Camp
2. Trip to Rainbow's end
3. Netball tournament
4. Mud run
5. Eden/Albert swimming

Things I have enjoyed in school the most are:
1. Kauri big splash
2. Race relations day

Here are some things that I enjoyed doing in the class:
Creating our bedroom using Area and Perimeter

Making our own Area and Perimeter picture

Fibonacci spiral art

Creating our own garden using floor planner

Making a scene from Tui st tales

Making a profile picture using be funky

These are some things I really enjoyed about this year.
Blog ya later!

Monday, 10 December 2018

Color by numbers

In Room 25, we have been doing a 'Color by numbers' activity.
Here is our 'Color by numbers' activity:

Here is my own color by numbers:

You can make your own 'Color by numbers'.
Blog ya later!


Last week, on Friday, we had an awesome day of Kauri big splash. We had a whole day in the school pool swimming in lots of different activities.
There were competitive ones: Freestyle x2 boys and x2 girls, Backstroke x2 boys and x2 girls, Relay x2 boys and x2 girls.
Fun activities: Flutter board, Noodle tow, Bucket relay, Seal relay, Clothes relay and Class under over.
I swam in all the competitive ones and Noodle tow, Bucket relay, Seal relay and Class under over.
It was a great day.

Here are some photos:
Here I'm swimming in girls Freestyle

I'm pushing the ball with my head like a seal

Opps...went into the wrong lane

Struggling to keep the bucket under my chin
My finish pose in the girls Freestyle

Have you had a big splash before?
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Friday, 30 November 2018

Painting ratios

In Room 25, we have been learning about ratios. We had an activity where we had to mix primary colors together and see what new color it made. If we liked that new color then we had to put down the record of how many reds, blues....we put to make the new color.
We had to first put duct tape down on the paper to make any shape we liked. Then we added our chosen colors to it. When the paint had dried, we slowly peeled the tape off.
Here is my art:

You can make your own ratio art too.
Blog ya later!

My visual description

In Room 25, we have been learning how to visualize a description. Miss Mills gave us one called the Nogard and we had to draw what we thought it looked like. If you want to know what the Nogard is, then go onto our class blog at
Then we had to make our own and we had to get people to draw it.
Here is my description of my animal, please draw it to get the picture. I hope you can get my animal right!

What is my animal?
My animal has a big circle shaped head.
My animal has upside down triangle ears.
My animal has circles for the outline of the eyes. Inside the eyes, there are two smaller circles. These are the pupils of the eyes.
My animal has a small upside down triangle between the eyes, this is the nose.
My animal has two small curves going outwards at the bottom of the nose.
My animal has another two curves going inwards for the mouth.
My animal has a small, round heart shape in between the mouth. This heart shape is the tongue.
My animal has a long oval like body. You can choose whether the body tips slightly between horizontal and vertical.
My animal has short legs and small paws at the end of each leg.
Finally, my animal has a small tail peeking from behind the body.

Do you know what my animal is?

Here are some pictures:

Please draw it and maybe post it onto your blog and send me the link so I can visit your blog and see what your pictures look like.
You can make your own visual description too.
Blog ya later!

Monday, 26 November 2018

Tui st Tales DLO Part 1

At Owairaka, Anne Kaye came to our school and introduced 'Tui st Tales' to us. Anne Kaye wrote 'Tui st Tales' herself. Kauri team have been reading the first story in 'Tui st Tales' which is called 'Jack and the Morepork'.
Here is my DLO:

I hope you like my DLO!
Blog ya later!!!

Friday, 9 November 2018

Athletics day

On Tuesday, Kauri and Puriri team had Athletics day.
We walked to Love lock track in Sandringham road. Love lock track is next  Weasly Community center.
We had high jump, long jump, shot put, discus and track events. For the track events there were 800 meters, 400 meters, 200 meters and 100 meters.
The girls did the track events first and the boys did the other activities.
First, the girls had to run the 800 meters. It's optional to run this round. 800 meters is twice around the track and it is very tiring.
After 800 meters, the girls did 100 meters. 100 meters isn't optional, you had to run it.
After that it was the 200 meters which is about 1/4 of the track.
Last of all there was 400 meters. Only year 6 got to do it and you choose whether to do it or not.

I came 1st in 800 meter and 400 meters. I also came 2nd in 200 meters.
When the girls  finished running the track, we switched so the boys were running in the track events and the girls were doing the other events.
The first activity the year 6 went to after the track events was long jump then shot put, high jump and discus.
I got 3rd in long jump and second in shot put.

Here are some pictures of Athletics day:

I really enjoyed Athletics day.
My favorite event was running 800 meters.

Blog ya later!