Friday, 17 August 2018

Netball Tournament

On Thursday the 9th of August, Owairakas Netball girls went to a Netball Tournament. We had two groups competing, there was a Blue team and a Gold team. It was exciting to go, but then when our first game started, I began to feel nervous. It was quite hard throughout the Tournament. We didn't shoot any goals in the first few games, but then we were more confident and got a few in. I was a defender in Blue team and it was quite tricky to get the ball away from the person I marked. Blue team played seven games.
The Netball tournament was really fun.

Here is a picture

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Maths Week

This week is Maths week. For Maths Week, Room 25 has been doing some maths activities. On Monday, Room 25 learnt about BODMAS. BODMAS taught us how to do the order of operations.
Here is the order of BODMAS:

On Tuesday, we learnt how to read a timetable. We had to figure out what time the train leaves Auckland, what time will the train stop at the destination and how many stops it will make on the way.

On Thursday, we had to work out how many oranges there were in a large pyramid.

Last of all, on Friday, we had a Noughts and Crosses challenge. Matthew and Elio competed each other. Matthew won. Then he had to compete against Miss Mills.

Here are some pictures of Maths Week:


Maths week was really fun. I enjoyed it.

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Friday, 3 August 2018

Film Festival

On Thursday, Kauri team went to the Film Festival in the city which was held in the old Civic Center. At the film festival, there was a number of schools there so if you are reading this post, you may have gone to the Film Festival too. In the Film Festival, they showed us short films. There were 12 films.
Here are my favourite's:

My favourite 2 videos are Awaker (the bell one) and Two Trams. I like Awaker because the man  gives the little boy bells, I think the boy is given bells because there is nothing for him in the little hut that they live in.
I like Two Trams because the older tram (that could be the father or mother) teaches the little red tram how to be a tram. The older tram was very patient and teaches him through his tram life. I was a bit sad when the older tram became old and rusty. I was quite upset when it went out to do its job when it wasn't really supposed to, especially when it had already dropped a screw.

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Cook Island Week

This week is Cook Island Language Week. For Cook Island Language Week, Hamida, Jadarose's mum, came to our class. She taught us how to dance Cook Island dances. The girls had to move their hips. One of the moves were just moving our hips side to side and another move is moving the hips in a figure of 8. The boys had to move their knees and to some actions with their arms. At the end we did a dance off.
Here are some videos and photos:

It was fun dancing with Hamida because I got to learn how to do some cool Cook Island dancing.
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Hi guys!
We have been learning about copyright rules in class. We have been learning how we can avoid it. Copyright is when you use someone else things without asking for permission

This video is about copyright and how to make sure that you are following the rules of Copyright. I hope that you can follow my instructions how to make sure you are following the rules.

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