Friday, 5 May 2017

Science in a van. This is my science in a van writing. It took me 3 days to write. Enjoy.

File_000.jpegScience in a van.     

Today we had a visit from the awesome people “Science in a van”. The morning started with some exciting tricks where Emily and Alan, the two science in a van people, showed and told us some forces to the school.
They had a table and a tablecloth on the table. On the tablecloth was a teapot and some cups. We then predicted of what would happen if Emily pulled the cloth off. Emily pulled the cloth off on the count of three. And what do you think happened? The teapot and cups stayed on the table. Emily said the this is a pulling force.
Then Alan got a piece of cardboard and strings attached to it. He put a cup with water in it onto the cardboard. He swung the string ends and the cups stayed on. It was incredible. It was exciting to see the cup stay on. Alan then put three cups onto the cardboard they stayed on too.

Then the kauri team had their science session. Alan told us about the three states of matter. They were Solid, Liquid and Gas.
Then they showed us some experiments. They first showed us an L and P can that was hot and cold water. The cans were empty.
The cans were really hot. Alan picked up one can and put it in a bowl of cold water. The can got crushed as soon as it touched the water. When he picked up the second can and put it in the bowl of water it got even more crushed.
Then he got five volunteers. 1 of them had to hold a spoon and look at it. The other 4 had to wear blindfolds. 1 had to hold a bell and jangle it , a second had to taste, another had to feel and the last had to smell Alan told us these were the 5 senses we had.

The second experiment was with dry ice and water.
Alan put the dry ice into a bottle of water and then a cloud of carbon dioxide came hovering above the bottle. It was fun to watch the cloud of carbon dioxide. Alan then warned us if we ever did this experiment we must not seal the lid on or it will be dangerous. He showed us what would happen. The bottle flew up like a rocket and came crashing down to the ground.File_001.jpeg
The last experience was with using Unisi, our class helper. She went onto the stage and sat on a chair. Alan showed and told what he was going to do. He poured some water with some food coloring into a cup of water. He said that he was going to pour that cup of water onto Unisi. The kauri class gasped. But Alan said he was going to shuffle the cups into different spots and we had to try and guess which one was going to be poured down onto Unsi. Once he had shuffled them we chose the right cup. Alan tipped the cup onto Unisi so it was facing down onto her……. And nothing came out of the cup.File_000.jpeg Alan said that this is now a type of gel so it will not come out unless it is shaken out. Alan told us that he put a special powder into the cup. He handed the gel to Unisi and told her not to touch it. If you do you will have to wash your hands.
And that was the end of the science session.

What I learned from the science session:

I learned that there are the three states of matter. They are Solid, Liquid and Gas.
I learned that there are two types of forces pull and push.

Did I like today's science session?

I liked todays session. It was fun and interesting.

My Holiday Writing.