Monday, 25 June 2018

Bee Proactive

This is my bee DLO. (Digital Learning Object) We have been learning about bees and how they make honey.
I really enjoyed making this DLO because I got to learn lots of interesting facts.

Matariki DLO

This is my Matariki DLO. (Digital Learning Object) In class we have been learning about Matariki. Matariki is a cluster of seven stars that only come out once a year on the Maori New Year.

Friday, 22 June 2018


This week we have been Celebrating Matariki. Matariki is the sign for the Moari New Year. This week we have been doing many fun things to celebrate. We have done some weaving with flax to make a flower.
We have also been making Maori Bread which is also know as fry bread. To make fry bread it was really simple, the only ingredients we needed were flour and water. We put some flour into a bowl and shaked it so the flower would be a smooth surface, next we made a well in the flour and poured in some water.
After that we kneaded the dough with one hand. After we kneaded the dough we cut the dough into square pieces. When that was done the square dough was put into a heated pan with lots and lots and lots of oil. We were careful not to drop the sough into the pan because then we would get burnt. We waited for the dough to turn into a golden colour then we flipped it. When the dough was golden on both sides, we put them onto plates to cool down we waited for our buddy class to come.

When our buddy class did come, there was plenty of Maori bread for everyone. We were really full when we had finished the bread and there was still two full plates of fry bread left.
Here are some pictures of our Matariki week:

Mala weaving a flower

Phillip nearly finishing his flower

Matthew concentrating really hard

Me and Solomone flatting out the dough

Dough cut into squares

Maori bread cooking in the pan

Marley and Oli 

Photo of room 10 and 25

Room 10 and 25

If you would like to make Maori bread then you can follow my steps in the post and make sure you don't drop the dough into the pan. Put it in carefully.

Blog ya later

Friday, 15 June 2018

Bigfoot Bikes

On the 13 of June, Bigfoot Bikes came into our school to teach us about road safety.

We had a lot of fun and we especially liked the games at the end of the session. 
We did some writing about Bigfoot Bikes so look out for it, it will be here soon!
BLOG ya soon!

Here is a sneak sneak of my writing:

Bike check
To check your bike you have to
1. Your brakes by squeezing the front and back brake then moving the bike back and forwards.

2. If your tyres have air in them by pushing and squeezing you tyre

3. If your tyre is loose by flicking a flicker

4. If you have a R.R.R (red, rare, reflectors)

Running like the wind.....

On Thursday the 6 of June, the Kauri team had Cross country. I ran with the year 6 girls. Everyone was nervous and excited. We started on the court and when the whistle was blew, all the girls ran hard. Everyone wanted to be in the first 3 so they could go to Eden Albert Cross Country.
In the year 6 girls, I came 1 place and Francesca in my class came 3 place. I was really proud of myself for coming 1. Phillip and Marley R came a place too! 
Here are some pictures of Kauri team Cross country:

Me running the finish line

Frankie running the finish line coming 3rd

My sister, Alodia, running with the wind in her hair

Jadarose smiling for the camera

I really enjoyed cross country because I love running!

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

My Garden

At Garden to Table we have been learning about the crops that you can plant in winter. We learnt that you can plant root vegetables because it will be cold so the vegetables will have to have a place to stay warm under ground. We made our own garden on Garden Planner. Garden planner is a really cool site. Today we made a little plan of our garden. Here is a link to Garden Planner. You can use it too.
Here is my garden:
I really enjoyed making my garden on Garden Planner because I could make any garden I wanted and it was also really fun.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Samoan Language Week

Talofa  Lava
This week we have been celebrating  Samoan culture. We got to learn the language, food and game.
At garden to Table  Hamida and Falete showed us how to make coconut cream. First, the coconut flesh had to be scraped out. Falete sat on a wooden plank and at the end of the plank was a blade. Falete got coconut and put it on the blade, then he moved the coconut up and down. Soon there was a lot of coconut stripes in the bowl. Some children got to have a turn to scrape the coconut. Here are some pictures:

After showing us how to scrape the coconuts flesh, Falete showed us how to make the flesh into the cream. He got the coconuts husk and washed it, after that he put a little bit of coconut flesh into the husk. Then he turned the husk and while he turned it, the coconut flesh squeezed out of the husk and turned into the cream.

We also got to play Lape which is a Samoan game. It is like softball but instead of using a bat, you use your hand to bat the ball. We played Lape with Room 24, I really enjoyed the game.

Commonwealth Games

In class I have been studying the Commonwealth Games. The Commonwealth Games is an event where countries that are part of the Commonwealth compete in many sports.

I enjoyed making this because I learnt a lot about the Commonwealth Games.