Wednesday, 22 November 2017


1. As fast as a cheetah.
2. He is as smart as a calculator.
3.  Her body is as warm as a kitten.
4. The pillow is as soft as marshmallow.
5. He is as loud as a lion.
6. Your face is as chubby as a hippo.
7. The stone is as heavy as a brick.
8. I am as happy as a happy meal at McDonald.
9. She is as swift as a cat.
10. His sister is as annoying as a mosquito.

We wrote our own similes because we read a book called  "Jason's extraordinary hair" which had a lot of similes in it.
 Can you write a cool simile? Share it with me on a comment.

My Holiday.

This is my Holiday Writing. I made it on Storyboard-that. It was fun making the scenes and filling colours into the people. I hope you like it!

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Kindness clalender

This is a Kindness calendar that I made with my friend. I made it on google drawings and I found it easy. Next time maybe I would add some more things you can do at home.
If you are going to make one, then I suggest that you shouldn't do anything about money or making your parents go around driving their car just for you to do your kindness things.

I hope you like it!