Wednesday, 28 February 2018


Today, two Warriors came to assembly and a speaker. One of the Warriors was Jazz and the other was Ken. The speaker, Georgia, talked about sleep, hydration and belonging. We got prizes if we answered a question right. We also played Heads and Tails. If we got the answer wrong we had to sit down. One question said 'Is it the best time to drink water after exercise?' Lots of people got that answer wrong and had to sit down. Georgia asked when was the best time to drink water and the answer was all the time. At the end of the assembly people who play rugby league for a club or a school, got to have their T-shirts signed by Jazz and Ken.
It was cool to have the Warriors here at our school today. Here are some pictures and a video of them.

Monday, 26 February 2018

My Learning

These screenshots are from XtraMath and e-ako math. My best for XtraMath is 86. I really like XtraMath because it helps me with my learning and I do better each time I try.