Wednesday, 9 January 2019

SLJ Veggie and Fruit

Kia ora! I've been doing some more SLJ. For this activity, I had to list down 10 veggie and fruit I would plant in my garden.
Here is my Week 4 Day 2 Activity 2:

Have you ever planted a veggie/fruit garden? I have in Garden to Table at Owairaka.
Blog ya later!

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  1. Hi Claire,

    Leslie here, a member of the Summer Learning Journey program reading your blog from a country where we definitely are not growing fruits or vegetables at the moment!! We're in the middle of a cold snap in our winter. The ground is covered with snow and the temperature is below -20 C. Our gardens are buried for the moment!!

    I think you've done a super job of listing 10 fruits and veggies that you'd like to grow in a garden. Yumm!! Do you have a garden yourself?

    I live in Canada but our daughter, Rachel, lives in Auckland and we have a friend named Murray living in Auckland too. He has lemon and grapefruit trees in his garden so we've had the fun of eating very fresh fruit whenever we've come to visit.

    In our climate in Canada it isn't possible to grow citrus fruits like lemons and grapefruit. Our growing season is too short. But we do have lots of apple orchards, strawberry fields and peach trees. Blueberries grow wild in our natural spaces and so it takes a lot of work to pick them. Plus, blueberries are ripe at the same time as the Blackflies are out - they're a very pesky little fly that bites. So it takes courage to pick blueberries here!!

    Which is your most favourite fruit?

    I hope you're enjoying lots of fresh fruit and veggies during your summer holiday - such good, healthy foods! And I hope you're having some fun outside in the sun as well as doing this summer blogging program indoors!!

    I'll continue to enjoy reading your blog.




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