Friday, 11 January 2019


Ni hao! I've been doing SLJ. For this activity, I learnt about a guy that has I had to list 10 species of animals that I would save from extinction.
Here is my Week 4 Day 3 Activity 3:

Imagine you lost your home, chased for your fur, and hunted for your meat, how would you feel?
Blog ya later!

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  1. Hi Claire,

    It's Leslie here, reading your blog from home in wintry Canada as a member of the Summer Learning Journey team.

    You've done an excellent job of listing 10 species that you'd like to see protected from extinction. Well done, you! Not only have you created a list, you've also done a good job of indicating why it is that you'd like to protect them. Super!

    Are any of these animals new to you or did you already know something about them? I've found that I've learned a lot about different animals and plants on our planet since I started commenting on the Summer Learning Journey blogs. There's so much to know about 'the world around us', isn't there??? My husband and I belong to a Naturalists' club in our small town. There are meetings once a month and there's always a speaker who comes to share their knowledge with us. It's a super way to learn about our natural environment. Perhaps there are Naturalists' clubs in your community as well.

    I hope you're enjoying these activities and that you're also having some fun outside on your summer holidays!

    I'll continue to enjoy reading your blog!




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