Wednesday, 9 January 2019

SLJ Predator Free

Kia ora! I've been doing some SLJ. For this activity, I had to watch 3 videos about saving NZ native animals:
Here is my Week 4 Day 3 Activity 1:

I like video Predator Free Video #1: Cacophony Project.
I like this video best because I like how the man tries using technology to save the animals.
He uses mics and cameras to record the animal.
I also like this video best because he uses sounds to lure the animal into the trap. I like it when he uses the sounds instead of food because I think that when animals get lured into traps with food it's quite sad(to me) because they go in to get the food and they get trapped because they were trying to get the food(hope you understand what I mean).

Blog ya later!

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  1. Hi Claire,

    It's Leslie here, a member of the Summer Learning Journey team reading your blog from my home in wintry Canada. It's lovely to read your responses to the activities, knowing that you're enjoying a summer day while I'm in the opposite type of climate. How cool is that?

    I was really interested to learn about the Cacophony Project too. People are finding very creative ways of dealing with unwanted predators, aren't they? We have some unwanted, invasive species of birds and animals in Canada too and one of the ways that is used to reduce their numbers is to use sound to disturb their nesting habitat. That means that uncomfortable sounds are made near the sites where these animals/birds nest so that they won't stay, won't have any young and therefore there are fewer and fewer of these creatures born each year. This is a gentler way of reducing numbers than hunting and I'm all for it!

    Do you agree that New Zealand should be predator-free by 2050? It's unfortunate that stoats, possums and other creatures were brought to New Zealand from other countries. They're not natural to your country so they've changed the balance of nature in a big way. Now that imbalance has to be addressed or many of your bird species will disappear.

    Humans are brilliantly creative in solving problems but we're also very good at creating them!

    I hope you're enjoying all that you're learning on this Summer Learning Journey. I'm enjoying reading your blog!!




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